Rupert Bunny Fellowship Recipient

The 2009 Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship has been awarded to local artist Matthew Gardiner.

Matthew Gardiner’s specialty is oribotics, the fusion of origami and technology to create origami that is controlled by robot technology (paper that will fold and unfold on command). The concept of the mechanics which transforms the paper is based on the human hand and uses a simple push/pull mechanism to actuate a five-petalled flower. The Award will allow Gardiner to participate in a collaborative Ars Electronica Futurelab residency in Austria that specialises in interaction design. He will use the Fellowship to develop new robotic production techniques to create a work that is intuitive and human centered.

As part of the award Gardiner will present one robotic artwork to the City of Port Phillip on completion of the project. He will also exhibit the work at Linden Gallery in November 2010 and will conduct public talks about his work at the Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, in December 2010. The work will be shown at the Recent Acquisitions exhibition in December 2011.