Oribotics [lab] Text

Oribotics [lab] Text

This folding invitation was introduced to me by Akio Hizume in Japan, he discovered it by his own genius, only to later be told that another origami / mathematician had invented it 10 years prior. And so we used it with permission via Mr Hizume, and we acknowledge the design to the original inventor Humiaki Huzita.

My Trinh Ha (now My Trinh Gardiner) designed the flyer to suit the pentagonal crease pattern. The guys at Arena Printing did a great job sourcing a form and some clever machinery to make the scorelines on the invites. Without scores, the folding of 2000+ invitations would have been impossible. Thanks to the Melbourne Origami Group, we folded all the flyers perfectly!

After folding 2000 of the invitations we decided that the audience should do some folding, so the program for Oribotics [laboratory] at the Sidney Myer Asialink Centre had a very simple crease pattern incorporated into the design. Significantly, the crease pattern is the same crease pattern developed during my Latrobe Regional Gallery Residency in 2003, at the time I coined the term Oribotics.

Oribotics [lab] Text

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