Oribotics [lab] Thanks

Oribotics [lab] Thanks


Oribotics Matt Gardiner

Music David Young

Sound design Jethro Woodward

Percussion Eugene Ughetti

Percussion instruments Rosemary Joy

Electronic design & software Ray Gardiner

Graphic design mY Trinh Ha

Production manager Margie Mackay

Photographic documentation Yatzek

Video documentation Eugene Schlusser


Oribotics is supported by Arts Victoria, the Federal Government through the Australia Council – its arts funding and advisory body, the City of Melbourne, Electroblossom, Airstrip, Magna Tokyo Japan, Hotbeam and MadFish Fine Wine.


Swee Lim, Lucy Moore, Sarah Tutton, Jason Reid & everyone at Asialink, Christine, Amy, Melinda & everyone at Howard Park Wines, Cynthia Troup, Una Mary Gardiner, Davis Music, Jason Bunn, Jeff Haynes & the University of Melbourne, Louise Curham, Melanie & Michael Young, Peter Humble, Rose Walsh, Sarah Pirrie, Adam Stewart & everyone at the Wood Design Centre, Sam Nwabachili, Jodi Hodge, Makoto Yamaguchi, Jun Maekawa, Darren Scott, Chung Li, Charmaine Cruise, Mike Hopkins, Akio Hizume, James & Mark at Ausfab, Daniel Maughan at Arrow Laser.


Oribotics [lab] Thanks

Special thanks to:

artistic director David Young
general manager Rosemary Joy

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