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In the first phase of this research, the fundamental research of Oribotics–the study of origami and technology, as applied through robotics and origami–is being extended through the following areas:

  1. Fold Mapping
    Using industry standard 3D CAD software, and customised plugin software, the team are investigating methods for creating new folded geometries. Using 3D surfaces as inputs for the algorithmic calculations, the team are also seeking methods for producing unfolded, developable, flat 2D geometries for machine fabrication using industry standard machining, such as laser and CNC.

  2. Fold Printing
    Complex folded geometries require new methods for fabrication. The idea of Fold Printing treat concepts like 4D Printing in reverse. Instead of wrapping up a folded surface for printing in a small area, we investigate methods for making the fold lines in a material soft, and making the facets rigid.

  3. Soft Robotics
    Polymers and Elastomers are designed to allow expansion and contraction in specific zones, allowing the construction of specific geometry muscles. The 'muscles' are then controlled by pneumatic systems. The team investigates new and existing methods for actuation of folded surfaces.

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